Are We The Right Fit?

I am grateful you are asking this question. I value all stories in life, not just the ones I author.

With that said, many stories would not be the same had they been created by a different author. Their authenticity, their shine, their uniqueness would be expressed in a whole new perspective. This is the beautiful thing about creation, about art. It can be the same subject, same light, same emotions, but because the eyes that view and reflect are different, you will receive a different outcome.

By this awareness, I want everyone to see, not just a piece of themselves, but a flood of raw, real and true images. I know there are thousands of artists who capture in different ways and want you connected with the one who “gets you.” So we take this moment now to share a little of my approach in hopes to reveal whether we are the ones made to tell your story.

With each newcomer, I gather information on your ideal backdrop. Whether we are going outdoors, staying in, venturing through the city, taking a road trip, going hiking, catching some fish, going rock climbing, camping out or journeying to the countryside to watch the sunset. I send small tidbits on wardrobe tips and inspiration on what’s flattering and coordinating but do not overrun email with color palettes and impossible-to-achieve perfection. This is a current photographic trend, like many, that will not last. Many outlines for sessions today polish the glory trophy of “chins-down, tilt head, smile and make eye contact, now look at each other, fix the scarf, tuck the hair, lean toward….don’t breathe, and pretend you didn’t almost have a nervous breakdown getting everyone dressed,” that you have little hope of ever connecting with when looking back.

If you came for perfect, I am not pinterested. Because you are not perfect, but real, you are exactly perfect.

I am here to do what photos do in their absolute highest, most meaningful and powerful form…bring you back 100% present with a precious time that has passed. This means the way your face buries your eyes when you laugh from your gut, the way your hair is always the first thing in your face in the smallest breeze and the exact way his arms fall just above your hip when he hugs you, all as it is, exactly as it is. I will engage and guide, suggest pranks, remind you of inside jokes, make *way* inappropriate jokes, get a dialogue going and maybe even suggest that you start dancing or tackle each other. Believe me, you’ll be too busy having fun to want to reenact a dozen screenshots of poses. Leave ’em in the phone with the gluten free no bake recipe.


I believe that there is enough ‘chasing’ that takes up time & space. So we stepped out of the static to offer a better idea. You. If this approach is not your cup of tea, I completely understand you and will gladly send you a few talented friends of mine that are happily approaching a session in the traditional way. If you want to jump in with me and create something that stands out, that’s real, fun and totally off the beaten path–let’s get started on planning your adventure!