First Sundays

Every first Sunday of the month, you can find me at my church, scrubbing and taking out trash. I typically spend my morning and lunch time there so by the time I get out, it’s really not good to just be starting a newborn session so I wanted to start something fun for my mommies-to-be.

I have always wanted to host tea parties, events, showers, receptions and galas but diving into two different specialty fields would surely kill me. Event planning is another great love of mine and if the photography industry ever tanked, that is what I would tackle.


I finally found a happy medium, hosting little events for my photo clients and clients-to-be. And we kick off this Sunday–SO excited. Im sure it will only take me few short weeks to go way overboard with this. Vintage, shabby chic tea party with giveaways, raffles and promos, my mind just broke off its leash!

If you are a mommy-to-be wanting to get a little peek inside, this is sure to be a fantastic time!