Class of 2016! – Senior Photographer Kansas City

I’ve been blessed to know the Chaffins family for many years. They are the closest I’ve gotten to my ultimate goal of photographing a newborn and then that newborn as a senior. I have photographed their littlest one when she was a newborn and their oldest as a senior this year. It’s such a huge goal of mine to come full circle and see a newborn grow into a senior in photos. What an awesome day that will be.

Until then, every single time I add a new session to the mix in a family that comes back again and again, will be a precious brick in that path. This family is so dear to me and I am so glad I have been a part of their story. Being in their house and seeing my work all over every wall is so unbelievably humbling. I am grateful to have them as clients.


And without further delay, here is miss Kaitlynn, class of 2016!