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I do love fall. I do. I love seasons in general. In Kansas we get kind of a grab bag of everything but I truly love each of them in their own way. Winter is the least favorite but there is something about how calm everything is even in winter that is necessary. Of course I tell myself that if I could live on a beach or somewhere where it is 72 degrees and sunny 24/7 I would go for it but really, I wouldn’t love it for long. There’s something about the act of getting out the gloves and coats, pulling out the bin of holiday decorations and craving the sensation of chilly cheeks pressed against a warm mug that just fills the soul with peace. Now…do I yank out my pool stuff, swimsuits, sunglasses and flip flops with twice as much enthusiasm? Yes, yes I do. But I can’t take anything away from big family get togethers, fluffy socks and knee high boots.

For some reason it was during this session that I really started to get that fall vibe. It wasn’t chilly, just cool, a little cloudy and it was dark by 6:15 or so. I think it was the first pair of sweaters I’d seen during a session too. Mom was wearing a darling scarf, was definitely just an official fall family shoot.

This family is wonderful, their little Graham is so sweet. Most kiddos in both the ages I have seen Graham need a “Warm up” period. Lots of kiddos know me well by about the 7-8 month age but they still need me to give them their space for the first 15-20 minutes. This kid, no such thing exists. Without thinking, I walked right up to the car and said “Hi Graham!” to him while he was still in his carseat without mom in view. Thought to myself, “Oh Kara, you nincompoop–he probably just woke from nap and you just startled him wondering where he is and why this strange lady is smiling at him.” Nope. He smiled huge right back and showed me 8 new adorable little teeth. Made my heart just burst. He has the sweetest smile.

We had a lot of fun walking around the park stopping in front of all of the neat colors. Cannot wait to show them what we captured next week!


Meet the MacVey’s!

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