My littles and our big adventure…

Not often to I take the opportunity to get my own out for photos. I think of it maybe a half dozen times a week, “Man…I should really get the kids out and take some photos today,” but I rarely get to the next step…the closet.
Which is why, moms & dads…I spend an obscene amount of time making sure you are not standing in the front of a closet with a blank gaping look, stressed out and don’t know where to begin. I KNOW what it feels like to just go..”umm maybe I’ll do this tomorrow…or never.” HA!

But yesterday, we were enjoying some unseasonable weather, it was approaching sunset time, the World Series game 3 was still a couple hours from starting, so I got my wild hair and ran with it.

“This? No…this! No blughh that’s not even a decent blue. Maybe, no. Not happening…but with this? Ok, ok that’ll work. Now what with Aidyn’s..”

Many a minute passed and I had everyone dressed and camera packed. It’s a miracle, we’re taking photos.

With my own it’s extra neat because I can go to all the sites that I truly adore but don’t have a super glamorous way of getting there or it’s just too dirty to realistically be able to get a mom to go for it. This site was no exception. There’s a 4 foot dirt “slide” to get down below, but once you do. MAN, its awesome. A creek, with a bank type runway running right down the center, huge canopying trees that arch the top of the frame. I was in love with this site the moment I saw it but I knew it was a no-go for any clients who didn’t have a serious adventurous side…or lack of little ones.

So one by one, and then two by one and two by one. I climbed up and down probably 20 times to get us all down. Did I mention the 4 foot slide has giant rocks lining it? So, no sliding…yeah…pain. When you are one adult outnumbered by three little ones, one that has to be held the whole time (wet ground) while wielding a large camera that also has to be held the whole time…it gets interesting. But we did it! And they…look….great.