Nora – Kansas City Newborn Photographer

Had such a blast with this family last week! Big brother was just about the sweetest little blonde-haired blue eyed guy I’ve ever met! The whole family was just gorgeous and so easy to work with. Dawson and I had a little fun goofing off with my newborn posing pillow. It’s shaped like a pickle, so throwing it yelling, “pickle pillow!” is only logical.

Miss Nora, at 3 weeks fresh was just as squishy and posable as a fresh week old newbie except she can equipped with awesome rolls and cheeks. I so look forward to watching her and mister Dawson grow! 2015-05-05_00032015-05-05_00062015-05-05_00082015-05-05_00052015-05-05_00042015-05-05_00092015-05-05_00072015-05-05_00022015-05-05_00012015-05-05_00132015-05-05_00122015-05-05_00112015-05-05_0010