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Studio WINTER Rental Rates

[effective 10/1 – 3/1]



< NO hourly minimum >

20 / hour M – F

30 / hour Sat – Sun



60 / 8 hours M – F

80 / 8 hours Sat – Sun

100 / 12 hours M – F

120 / 12 hours Sat – Sun



280 / 8 hours x 5 days M – F

340 / 8 hours x 7 days M – Sat

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approx. 800+ / mo

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Policies prior to reserving.
– Time begins at time scheduled. Late arrivals are not permitted to “make up” time staying after reservation. For daily, time ends at 6:00p CST. 8 hours can span from 8a-4p, 9a-5p or 10-6p. For weekly, time ends daily at 6:00p CST. Extended days are required for sessions past 6:00p CST at an additional charge to cover manual security alarm setting and door securing.
– Rentals are given a gap immediately after reserved time up to 30 minutes post session to return the studio back to the exact condition left in for the following reservation. All trash, props, lighting, thermostat changes, furniture rearrangements, etc. are to be taken care of prior to leaving the studio. Any failure to do so will result in additional charges and canceling of any future rentals.
– Renters are responsible for loss/damage on property. Studio is in no way liable for missing, broken or stolen items while on property.
– No refunds are permitted for any reason.
– In the event of unforeseen circumstance, a 50% transfer can be applied to a future rental for monies paid on a case-by-case basis determined by studio ONLY.
– No signage, changing of existing signs or altering of walls, doors and windows are permitted.
– Sessions are to take place within studio area that is reserved ONLY. No use of the common stairs, hallways, additional suites on any level and/or roof is included. Failure to comply could result in trespassing charges from other businesses.
– Sessions conducted are to be for business & professional purposes ONLY.
– No animals are permitted inside the studio for any reason.
– Policies are subject to change and amendment without warning.