Studio Rental Tour

Welcome Photographer! Thank you for considering our studio, we look forward to providing you with all the tools and space you need to work your craft!

Our studio is located in the heart of the River Market in the historic Cromwell building. The charm of this little piece of our Kansas City area is second to none. Located on the third floor, your windows overlook the entire city market strip and let natural light to be completely unobstructed.

The suite is a cozy 500 square feet area with a private bathroom. Divided into a living/sitting area and shooting space, it is set up for a relaxed environment spaced enough for you to work your magic while parents relax.

You have a sibling area with games, movies, toys and crafts as well as a refreshment area for parents to grab coffees and snacks, read magazines or just sit back and watch the session.

You have open access to all props and flooring available in the studio.

Create your dreamy setups, mix & match and have fun!