Style for two!

I LOVE every time I get a session where I get to design it from the ground up. It gives me the room to start with a blank canvas and go wild. This was no exception! I started with the closets, pulling out patterns and getting mom inspired. Before ten minutes had gone by we were swapping rooms, grabbing tops, putting things on top of each other, vetoing what clashed, and laughing through the bustle of our rushing ideas.

When all was said and done (and the coffees were gone) we had a great wardrobe. Left mom to tinker for the week while I checked for the right accessories and the big day was a hit.

I cannot stress enough how huge it can help to schedule your pre-session consult a couple weeks before your session. I offer this complimentary service to ensure you look and feel ready for your day and so I’m getting good photos of you! It’s a win-win.


And without further adieu, I introduce my T & H, the first twins I ever photographed…all grown up!