Sweet Tea

And then some babies come along that you think they’d let you shoot their session in a fridge. Don’t care, pose me, I’ll sleep. Yep, you need diaper off? Sure thing, just going to sleep. You want me in a bucket? Fine, gonna pass out again. Froggy pose? Alrighty, just let me sleep during it though ok? Ok, goodnight.

Miss Teagan was probably the easiest babe I photographed all year so far. Head over heels with her session, she let me be a perfectionist and she slept. Her older sister Chloda (I know right? Amazing name. Means “river” in Ireland.) was adorable, not so interested in photographs really but toddlers and indoors typically dont mix when a beautiful sunny day and a park are close by. Dad and Chlo decided the blow our hot dog stand to do something fun while mom and  I chatted about labor, nursing and tons of other awesome bodily functions. (Mom talk.)

And this is just a few of some of this little one’s amazing day. Will share more after their viewing!