The scoop on the Wardrobe


Think timeless, romantic, simple. We tend to lean toward a free spirited & organic almost Bohemian feel so relax and let the comfort-meets-outdoor vibes inspire you.
Let your guy breathe and leave the button up dress shirt at home. If he has a comfy thermal v-neck or that super fitted Henley that he lives in and makes your knees weak, throw him it it with a nice pair of denim jeans or pants. Let him wear the slouchy beanie, necklace and the leather bracelet that he’s worn since he was 20. Our style of photography is very raw & real. We don’t do glitz & perfection. If he’s got a little scruff going, for the love of all things holy, leave it. The converse that are older than your relationship that are the only pair he has aside a shiny work shoe, are the winners. If you only have a bright pair of tennis shoes, then we can talk, but you may even be barefoot so they don’t make or break it.
You my dear, can use this as a reason to grab that gorgeous floral maxi dress at the boutique you’ve passed 6 times. Layer those long necklaces, grab that flowy number that makes you feel like a million bucks and rock it. Above all, BE YOURSELF. We don’t attach to the photos where everything was right, we attach to the photos where everything was REAL.

For WARDROBE inspiration and/or a peek at the visual from our style team, click HERE.

If we are shooting a cozy indoor portion with you, feel free to bring a change of clothes. This is just a “cuddling skin-to-skin” type session so a comfy tee or tank with undies or pj shorts (or nothing) is perfect. For inspiration and/or a peek at the visual from our style team, click HERE.


If you have an Heirloom session schedule and are feeling overwhelmed or lost in all the ideas, don’t hesitate to schedule a wardrobe discovery consult. We will come directly to you, raid the closet (or the store) together and build the perfect combinations to help you blow your session out of the water.

HAIR & MAKEUP. For those who wish to schedule hair & makeup, we point all to Hello Lovely Salon & White Carpet Bride. If you have a knack at dolling yourself up, feel free to come ready in your normal makeup! (HLKC & WCB are separate businesses and will charge for services, we just think they’re the cats pajamas.)