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There are only 24 hours in a day. You're an entrepreneur.  Chances are, you're the secretary, CEO, receptionist, PR, head of marketing, customer service manager and even the janitor.
(And if you're a parent, spouse or have a finicky plant at gets strained easily if editing is time-consuming. 
I don't know about you but if I'm overwhelmed with work, backed up on edits and emails...I freeze and my laundry stacks as high as my edit queue. 
I knew I wasn't alone.
Two years ago, I started creating something that would help us all. 

You spend too much time editing. And of course you do, you are the one who signs your name to every gallery you send out. Referrals, new leads turning to customers and repeat business depends on the quality you deliver.
This is especially true if you are in a saturated market where potential clients have more options. Your photos are the biggest part of the measurement when they select who is the right fit for their project. And it should be!
But if you're editing these all yourself, the workload stacks up!


every scenario
color presets


black & white
storytelling presets


film style
presets (B&W + Color)




Lighting, seasons & style change. Have a tool for all.

16 color presets account for outdoor, indoor, different undertones, flash photography, night time, artificial light, and whether you have a lighter or darker style.


Black & white was made for timelessness.

Black & white images are the ones that are supposed to stand out, not sink into the background. You should have a preset that calls the viewer's attention to the big picture in that small moment. 


Outdoor means elements are ever-changing.

In a single series of photos, you can be dealing with direct sun, shade, backlighting, harsh light, flat cloudy ambience and the sun can come and go in a moment's notice! You should have a go-to that doesn't leave you starting from scratch anytime the light shifts!


Indoor means elements can be dynamic & unforgiving.

Natural & artificial light require very different editing approaches. The skin is very particular with each. What works for one set of photos, often doesn't translate to another. Having several one-click options takes the stress and guesswork out so you can love editing again! 


When the lights go out, it's your time to shine.

Night time & wedding receptions don't have to be scary or difficult. Whether you are using flash or not, you can relax and have fun knowing you are a click away from being the life of the party.


Film without the hassle.

Adding dynamic elements, double-exposures, black & white or tilt-shift effects are amazing ways to add a wow-factor to your gallery but they can also be  extremely time-consuming. Having a black & white and color film preset ensure you can create timeless without losing time.

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