Heirloom | Session + Full Gallery –  $1000

Essential | Session + Half Gallery –  $800


Portrait Film – $1000 (as photo session add-on $400)

Session Bundle

Petite Sessions – $600 per (for 2+ sessions reserved together / weekdays only)

I can’t wait to meet you.



Which gallery is right for me?

(Let’s break it down!)

The Heirloom is the fully inclusive “all things” option. It covers as long as we need, up to 2-3 locations, and provides as many photos as I love that feel part of the story. I include at bare minimum 2 hours and 80+ images (typical deliver is roughly 160 images.)
The Essential is a slimmed down option including “the essentials.” It includes a minimum of 1.5 hours, 1 location (2 if nearby,) and 40+ images (typical deliver is roughly 80 images.)
The Petite is perfect for those who just need photos taken or would like multiple milestones captured. It includes a minimum of 45 minutes, 1 location, and 20+ images (delivery is roughly 30 images for 1 session and 40 for 2 or more sessions & return clients.)