Say Goodbye to Ghosting!


So what was she doing that was so detrimental? It’s actually quite backwards.



She was being attentive, respondent, polite, empathetic, nice.

TOO nice. So much where anyone she was reaching out to could smell desperation, “backbonelessness,” passivity and reproach. Why is a nice person bad for business?

Your client doesn’t feel safe with you. They DON’T trust a REALLY nice person. Simple. They assume you’re unprofessional, a pushover, not the “real deal,” a fraud, a sales face with no follow-through.


Soo, ok, Kara–be rude? Cold? Distant? What are you telling me to do?


NONE of those things. You’re actually going to do yourself a BIG favor and take a massive step back. In my experience, someone with a six-email follow up series is HALF as likely to get the lead conversion and TWICE as likely to end up in someone’s spam box with a bad taste left in the mouth of a warm lead. Why? Because at the end of the day, your feels matter. If someone wants to do business with you, ultimately–they WILL. If you have to SELL it, that isn’t your buyer.


Don’t take my word for it if you’ve already checked out. Keep banging your head against all surfaces on your cluttered desk. Keep questioning, dig deeper, try harder, work longer, sign up for another workshop on how to funnel more people into your world, drive yourself FURTHER into burnout. See if that gets you more results.


If you CAN be open-minded about the idea that you can chill out, email less, reach out less and create MORE demand–read on.


What do I know? I know I’m still booking clients in a pandemic. I know I’m still paying my bills as usual, have no debt, have no concerns about running out of people, dates, leads and income. March was my biggest month yet. I changed NOTHING. What do I have? What am I doing?

Well, to go into the deepest of detail, you’d have to be a student of mine BUT I want to share THE email that has stopped ALL ghosting. Also, emailing this over and over to leads helped me to create a concrete mindset that fueled my success even more. Without further delay, here it is:

Yeah, you read that right. I call it the “Bye Felicia.” I keep my lead list cleaned out, converting to clients with ONE sentence. I send this after I don’t hear back at ANY point in my lead generation process for 5-7 days depending on how extensive our communication had gotten. I don’t wait two weeks, I don’t send a question, I don’t probe them for anything or fish for more from them. I say BYE and move on.

Why does that work? It creates YOUR OWN demand. A high-demand brand will keep their intake flowing, not try to scrape up more from the pile of disinterested parties. They have shit to do. They aren’t begging to be graced with someone’s response. And literally haven’t had anyone NOT reply to it since implementing it last January. Even if they weren’t going to hire you–wouldn’t YOU rather be the one to blow a kiss goodbye and take back the power? The wonders this does for your mindset as a business alone is unmatched. Then, notice how your posts, forms, emails, marketing and mentality in answering Q’s or assertion in taking initiative with your work changes! You will be setting the tone for your future.


I would LOVE to see you end the entire chapter of going blind in this one area. NO more ghosting. Take charge in this one venue and watch the leads that were slipping by reopen the door to you and ask to do business while also apologizing for taking your time, delaying or not giving you the respectful response time you deserve. One thing I immediately noticed was that when I emailed anyone after January, people replied in moments and were waiting on ME for future emails. I was no longer waiting to do business with others.


Keep me posted on how this one pivot helped! If this brought up questions, inspired a thought or drove you into a creation mad scientist in revamping your email series–I want to hear from you!!


Until next time, keep your heart in the market!

– Kara