That REAL Real.

So, for real, I can’t get myself to write any of the goofy “This is me. I’m so funny. I’m so addicted to coffee & wine and I live in my yoga pants with a messy bun,” bullshit. Whoever decided being ‘phony friendly’ was a good way to run a business needs to be bitchslapped and given a laxative. It kills more businesses everyday than an economy crash.
I have no desire to script the perfect call, draft the perfect emails, stamp the same shit on everything I do and call you my “client.” No, girl. You are Michelle & Matt the kindergarten sweethearts, Wayne & Katie the rocker badasses, Ashleigh & Johnny my favorite Paris-traveling and bike enthusiasts, Maggie & Nathan the fireman & the chemist (who are expecting their first baby this summer!)..not someone I can’t remember the name of 7 months after the vows.
I am going to be in your life for up to 18 months, and IN the most important day of your life from sun up to sun down. This is REAL. What I do pays the bills, yes, but it ALSO is the reason I wake up in the morning. I make your memories permanent for a living. Which means my life is about knowing what’s precious and meaningful IN the moment and catching it before it’s gone. FOR YOU. I could not do this for 13 years and still have a soul for it if it was just work, just a client, just a wedding. This is my heart & soul’s whole purpose, raw, imperfect, unscripted and completely all in.