“We were together…I forget the rest.”

- Walt Whitman

Excited You’re Here

Hay hayyy! Super stoked that you're pokin' around here. I 'll be the one telling bad dad jokes to get your man to smile while he's being strangled in a monkey suit on the big day. HA!

I'll keep it brief so you can get to the good stuff. What's most important to know about me is I've been around 12 years, stuck and lovin' it. The small humans you see on the right are my freakishly sweet, smart and funny mancubs. The babe you see above is my weird, hilarious and really ridiculously good-looking other half. We are both career artists that made it big without starving. Most of my joy in life comes from these 4 men, big talk with close friends (the opposite of small talk), traveling anywhere that calls me and let's be real...a bowl of cereal in the middle of the night.

My approach to photos is to leave the staging and nonsense on social media and really tap into the things that make you two unlike any other couple I will know. Your hair's going to blow in your face, you're going to cry (happy or sad, I aim for the feels), it's possible it is going to be sweaty, rainy, muddy, wrinkled or tangled but I damn sure make it real. Trust me, it really is so much more epic when you can look back at a photo and remember exactly what he was saying to you if you're not squeezing out the college selfie smile in a photo you can't even remember taking. I can make real look twice as good, everytime.

With that said, if you're shopping for traditional, you took a wrong turn. If you're looking for something wild, deep, messy and a hell of a lot of fun, welcome. You can check photog off the to-do list.

So scroll around, click the "Let's meet" below and let's go grab a beer! That's not so I can give you some lame pitch, I hate email and would like to avoid it forever at all costs. So buying beer for strangers (that will soon be frans) is a small price to pay. If you live somewhere fabulous and are flying me to your gig, shoot me a date we can Skype in yoga pants. Muah!

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