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Matt + McCall – Southern Louisiana / New Orleans Destination Elopement

Some stick to more places in your soul. I remember driving down to New Orleans in torrential downpour. There was even a stretch where the water was coming down so thick, it felt like it was coming down in a solid sheet of water. You couldn’t see any cars around you. I texted a friend of mine that was taking video that had traveled by plane and was cursing myself for being an infamous road trip junkie.
When I finally arrived late at night, there was a darling gift personalized note from the bride and from that point on, the trip became the dreamiest fall wedding.
There’s something special about the south as it is. It’s unlike any other place in the US. Especially Louisiana. I am so grateful these two felt I would capture it in a way they wanted to remember because every breath underneath that Spanish moss was something that charms me to this day.
I so wish I could snap my fingers and spend a weekend back on Bourbon street today.





Matt + McCall – Southern Louisiana / New Orleans Destination Elopement

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